11th International Summer School
Problems Allied to Universal Algebra and Model Theory


June 22-28, 2015

Novosibirsk, Russia


The 10th International Summer School Problems Allied to Universal Algebra and Model Theory dedicated to the 70th anniversary of E.I.Timoshenko and the 70th anniversary of E.A. Palyutin is organized by the Department of Algebra and Mathematical Logic of Novosibirsk State Technical University (NSTU) and the Sobolev Institute of Mathematics of Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences (IM). It will be held on June 22-28, 2015 in the Altai Mountains at the valley of the Chemal river at the summer camp Erlagol. This Summer school is organizing each odd year since 1995.

Organizing committee: Corresponding Member of RAS V. Mazurov (co-chairman), Prof. A. Mikhalev, Prof. E. Palyutin, Prof. A. Pinus (co-chairman), Prof. B. Poizat, Prof. K. Ponomarev, Ass. Prof. E. Poroshenko (secretary), Prof. V. Remeslennikov, Prof. N.Romanovskii, Prof. V. Romankov, Prof. S. Sudoplatov, Ass. Prof. P. Tanovic, Prof. E. Timoshenko (co-chairman).

During the conference, several courses of lectures, plenary (1 hour) and section (20 minutes) talks are planned. There are going to be two sections: "Universal algebra and model theory" and "Classical Algebra"

The more detailed information about the conference will be announced later.

We are going to meet all the participants of the conference in Novosibirsk by June 22, 2015. Accommodation in Novosibirsk by the departure to Altai will be available at the hotel of NSTU. There will be the two-way bus transportation Novosibirsk-Erlagol-Novosibirsk. The departure to Mountain Altai (to the summer camp Erlagol) is going to be in the morning of June, 22. The trip takes about 8 hours (It is about 600 kilometers (375 miles) in one direction). The main part of the conference (talks and lectures) is going to be on June, 23-27.

This time of year, the weather in the Altai Mountains is usually warm and sunny. So, the meetings often take place just on the Shore of Chemal River. Everybody returns to Novosibirsk on June, 28.

If you are interested in participation in this conference, please register by e-mail erlagol@eml.ru indicating the following information

1. Full name;

2. Academic Degree;

3. Academic Status;

4. Institution (if you are a student, please indicate if you are a graduate or undegraduate student and what year student you are in. Please, indicate also the name of your adviser);

5. City;

6. Country;

7. Title of the talk (planned).

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us via the same e-mail address. We would be grateful if you let us know about your intention to participate in the conference by January 1, 2015.

The second announcement will be sent in the beginning of April, 2015.

Information about past conferences is here .